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I'm an anatomist with an eye for communicating science.

Science's value stems from its communication. A research paper that isn't understood is only a paper. An anatomical concept is only revolutionary when it's understood. Only with understanding can science have an impact, because only then can people can act on it.

I believe in using user-centered design to create design solutions that clearly communicate science in the way that best works for its audience.

I am at the University of Toronto completing a Master's in Biomedical Communications to level up my science communicator skills. I have a master's in human anatomy education, where I created educational visuals for health professionals and introductory anatomists. I previously earned a Bachelor's in Biomedical Sciences at the University of Guelph where I saturated my calendar with all of the sciences, from molecular biology, pathology, chemistry, physics, and epidemiology, to microbiology. During this time I conducted research on stem cells at the Ontario Veterinary College

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